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In mid-September of 2020, TECONY Ambassador James K. J. Lee met with the then US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft, a meeting that Ambassador Craft herself described as “historic,” and a further step to strengthen US-Taiwan relationship.
About 8,000 miles away from New York, Hsu Meng-Han, a Taiwanese artist, was moved by the occasion and inspired to create this painting to capture an important moment of USTaiwan friendship. Taiwan blue magpies, as seen in the art, are endemic to Taiwan; their strength and character are often seen as a representation of the country. We are in love with the concept and delighted to revisit this moment through the eyes of a Taiwanese artist!

這幅畫,何止是台灣藍鵲這麼簡單!2020 年 9 月,駐紐約辦事處李光章大使與時任美國駐聯合國大使克拉芙特(Kelly Craft)餐敘,克拉芙特大使也在受訪時表示這場餐敘是「歷史性」會面,有助於進一步深化台美關係。
在距離紐約快 8,000 英里的台灣,藝術家徐夢涵 Hsu Meng-Han 深受這場會晤啟發,從細微中凝視壯麗,並將對台灣的熱愛和國家認同化為創作,用台灣藍鵲為意象,紀錄下台美友好的時刻。謝謝藝術家無私與我們分享!