Happy Birthday 03-Lace

疼痛之必要  1/9    Essence of Pain  1/9
疼痛之必  2/9    Essence of Pain  2/9
疼痛之必要  3/9    Essence of Pain  3/9
疼痛之必要   4/9    Essence of Pain  4/9

疼痛之必要  5/9    Essence of Pain  5/9

疼痛之必要  6/9    Essence of Pain  6/9

疼痛之必要  7/9    Essence of Pain  7/9

疼痛之必要  8/9    Essence of Pain  8/9
疼痛之必要  9/9    Essence of Pain  9/9
With tears, with silence
River of Yearning

Pain — a powerfully charged word, a critical reminder that we’re still alive, a testament to our existence. Be it physical suffering or spiritual anguish, all pain points inwards, cuts deep into the self. So incredibly private, yet universal, it’s an inevitable experience, share by all human beings. But it’s only when we’re conscious of life’s finitude, of the fact that it ends, that we see one of pain’s greatest functions play out: a means of finding meaning in reality and reason in existence.​​​​​​​

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