Hsu Meng-Han is a multidisciplinary artist whose work revolves around visions of life, passion, and mortality. Having studied art from an early age, Hsu has cultivated a practice of using metaphor to create visual tension, expressed through an artistic vocabulary that is at once intimately personal and open. Essence of Pain (2011 – 2024), a series of acrylic paintings, and the oil paintings in her Manuscript series (2016 – 2024) are emblematic of this style.
In Ours (2020 – 2024), a series of paintings on Taiwan, she focuses on fine details to elucidate the splendour of subtle forms, honing in on a certain way of seeing that she has refined over in recent years as her portfolio has expanded to include photography, installation, and other forms of art. There is a palpable emotive energy in Hsu’s art and fiercely personal visual language that resonates throughout her work.