All This Occurs Perpetually Inside This Vessel    名為軀殼的船

The body aches, producing subtle, affective changes throughout the course of life, so that we come to fathom not just the image of death, but we actual experience dying. When I paint and write, I’m at the same time documenting the intimate senses of my body and my being. I’m gleaming the beautiful poetic fragments that have been hidden in their everyday passings, as well as the loneliness and sorrow which they evoke. And all this occurs perpetually inside this vessel, trapped before the utter freedom of life, in this body, repeatedly clashing against and accommodating for all of life’s perfections and imperfections. 
因疼痛而產生細微情感變化的生命歷程,讓人領悟到所要面對的不僅是死亡的意象,而是去感受死亡。我以繪畫書寫並記錄私密的身體感及存在感,體會日常隱含逝去之美的詩意片段,和它所喚起的孤寂與幽傷 — 在生命的本質全然自由前,終將被困於名為「身體」的容器裡,一次次的去衝撞及接納生命的完美與不完美。 

Happy Birthday 02

Essence of Pain  2/9    疼痛之必要  2/9    

Happy Birthday 03-Lace

Sometime Far from Now, There Is No One Holding Hands    遙遠的未來,沒有牽著手的人們    

Screaming Heartbeats    化作尖叫的心跳

Wonderful Scenery alongside    沿途的風景如此美好   

Endless Low Frequency    好似持續不斷的低頻

Contemplation    靜觀

My breath held as I love you so    太過愛你以至於連呼吸都嫌多    

Essence of Pain  5/9    疼痛之必要  5/9   

Essence of Pain  6/9    疼痛之必要  6/9    

We are converging at the end    我們終往同一方向匯流    

Essence of Pain  7/9    疼痛之必要  7/9    

I hope, I pray    我希望,我祈禱

Futile struggle to hang on the elapsed 2/5    我們還能夠有多少個以後 2/5    

Beauty of life does not last overnight 02 1/2    他的美只到昨夜 02 1/2    

Φλόγα    火焰

It might be something I’m able to brush on, but when it comes to life and death, loss and scars, the greater picture remains just beyond reach. Some words will forever be impossible to write, but through the depths and perceptions of images, we flow together in the same ultimate direction.

No more pretending    我們都不用再假裝些什麼    

Beauty of life does not last overnight 01    他的美只到昨夜 01    

As Poetic, as You    如詩如你   

Beauty of life does not last overnight 01 2/2    他的美只到昨夜 01 2/2    

Vanished long before embraced 01    在擁有之前,我早已失去 01    

Vanished long before embraced 02    在擁有之前,我早已失去 02    

Smile in tears, just for you 

It's a never ending song    這是一首永不落幕的歌

Tiefe    深刻

Breakfast, you, and my heart

Portrait 001-2    肖像 001-2

Blossoming flowers from you    你送我的花還好好開著    

Sing for me    唱歌吧    

Futile struggle to hang on the elapsed 1/5    我們還能夠有多少個以後 1/5    

When you smile at me    當你對我微笑    

Futile struggle to hang on the elapsed 3/5    我們還能夠有多少個以後 3/5    

Futile struggle to hang on the elapsed 4/5    我們還能夠有多少個以後 4/5    

River of Yearning    思念是條長河    

Inscribe for me    為我書寫    

Essence of Pain  9/9    疼痛之必要  9/9     

Your world will go on without me being on your side    沒有我,你的世界依舊    

Cuddle my happiness and sadness    請擁有我的歡笑與悲傷    

Everlasting Flame and Singing Heart    不滅的烈焰和歡唱的心   

Skin Clinging Dust    緊貼肌膚的灰塵   

Embraced Sleep    輕擁入眠   

A tender kiss to the innermost of my soul    親吻在靈魂最深處    

Essence of Pain  4/9    疼痛之必要   4/9   

High Praise not piled by Tears    無法以淚水堆砌的盛讚    

Essence of Pain  1/9    疼痛之必要  1/9    

A Distant Future, Without a Soul to Hold Your Hand    遙遠的未來,沒有牽著手的我們    
Pain — a powerfully charged word, a critical reminder that we’re still alive, a testament to our existence. Be it physical suffering or spiritual anguish, all pain points inwards, cuts deep into the self. So incredibly private, yet universal, it’s an inevitable experience, share by all human beings. But it’s only when we’re conscious of life’s finitude, of the fact that it ends, that we see one of pain’s greatest functions play out: a means of finding meaning in reality and reason in existence.

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