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Pushing past rows of bushes, the road before me is a vast expanse.
There is a history in Taiwan, in Formosa, a history which belongs to these beautiful islands that have nurtered us here.
As someone who loves and identifies with Taiwan, to depict this country through art posed a challenge that necessitated a certain way of seeing — focused on subtle detail to elucidate a wider splendour.

台灣 – 

Ours 004

In mid-September of 2020, TECONY Ambassador James K. J. Lee met with the then US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft, a meeting that Ambassador Craft herself described as “historic,” and a further step to strengthen US-Taiwan relationship. 
About 8,000 miles away from New York, Hsu Meng-Han, a Taiwanese artist, was moved by the occasion and inspired to create this painting to capture an important moment of US-Taiwan friendship. Taiwan blue magpies, as seen in the art, are endemic to Taiwan; their strength and character are often seen as a representation of the country. 

2020 年 9 月 16 日,駐紐約辦事處李光章大使與時任美國駐聯合國大使克拉芙特(Kelly Craft)餐敘,克拉芙特大使在受訪時表示這場餐敘是「歷史性」的會面,有助於進一步深化台美關係。
在距離紐約快 8,000 英里的台灣,藝術家徐夢涵深受這場會晤啟發,進而創作出這幅以台灣藍鵲為意象的畫作。台灣藍鵲貴為台灣特有種鳥類,其風骨和形象經常被視為國家的代表;徐夢涵藉由此作品,紀錄下象徵台美友好的重要時刻。

Embracing the Flame    擁抱烈焰

Snow-capped and majestic Yu Shan (Jade Mountain), two sacred birds soaring in the sky, the black bulbul and the Taiwanese blue magpie, they are determined to bring back the fire for their tribesmen, even if their beaks and claws are burned red, and even if they must sacrifice themselves, they are still determined to complete the mission entrusted by their tribe.
The work “Embracing the Flame” is inspired by the flood myth of the Bunun tribe. The tribesmen deeply cherish the black bulbul, which is respected and known as a sacred bird and is not allowed to be hunted. (In other versions of the story it’s the Taiwanese blue magpie)
As an artist, I immortalized this touching moment through painting. Using lively colors, the headdress of the women of Bunun, the blue Han-style, right-lapel, long-sleeved shirt, and the weaving pattern of the men’s chest cloth are all gently brought into the painting.


Душу й тіло ми положим за нашу свободу    

Soul and body we'll lay down for our freedom    


On February 24, 2022, ruthless missiles and air strikes from the Russian army cut through the peaceful sky of Ukraine…
From that moment on, the word “reunion” became an eternal concern. Numerous Ukrainians were displaced by the invaders, and even if they survived the war, their inner pain would not be soothed.
More than sorrow, there is anger. No one should deprive people from other countries of their way of living, or occupy their land, or even erase the fact that their history and culture exists.
The feeling of indignation continued to ferment, therefore, I created the painting “Soul and body we'll lay down for our freedom”. The title of the work comes from the lyrics of the Ukrainian national anthem: “Душу й тіло ми положим за нашу свободу”.
I would like to sincerely dedicate this work to the Ukrainian people who are fighting for freedom.
I wish that in the near future, under the blue sky, the green and the bright golden colors of the sunflower will replace the destroyed walls; so that the sunflower, which is the national flower of Ukraine and symbolizes “faith”, “glory” and “courage”, will bloom again.

2022 年 2 月 24 日,俄軍無情的飛彈和空襲,劃破了烏克蘭寧靜的天際…。
悲憤的心情持續發酵著,因而,我創作出《為了自由我們獻出靈魂和肉體》這幅畫。作品名稱源自烏克蘭國歌歌詞:「Душу й тіло ми положим за нашу свободу」。
祈願不久的將來,在藍天之下,滿眼綠意、璀璨金黃的太陽花,能夠取代斷垣殘壁;讓象徵「信念」、「光輝」與「勇氣」的烏克蘭國花 — 向日葵,再次綻放。
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