Ours 002

Ours 003

Pushing past rows of bushes, the road before me is a vast expanse.
There is a history in Taiwan, in Formosa, a history which belongs to these beautiful islands that have nurtered us here.
As someone who loves and identifies with Taiwan, to depict this country through art posed a challenge that necessitated a certain way of seeing — focused on subtle detail to elucidate a wider splendour.
For the first chapter in Ours, I’ve painted a ribbon symbolizing a rainbow, which ripples in the sky above Yushan Mountain, the highest peak in Taiwan, flying with the divine butterflies of Alishan (Brahmaea wallichii insulata). It is a metaphor for Taiwan’s multi culturalism, democracy, and freedom, and it is dedicated to the people of Taiwan, who know how to savour the good and grace of this land.

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