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Pushing past rows of bushes, the road before me is a vast expanse.
There is a history in Taiwan, in Formosa, a history which belongs to these beautiful islands that have nurtered us here.
As someone who loves and identifies with Taiwan, to depict this country through art posed a challenge that necessitated a certain way of seeing — focused on subtle detail to elucidate a wider splendour.

台灣 – 

Embracing the Flame    擁抱烈焰

Snow-capped and majestic Yu Shan (Jade Mountain), two sacred birds soaring in the sky, the black bulbul and the Taiwanese blue magpie, they are determined to bring back the fire for their tribesmen, even if their beaks and claws are burned red, and even if they must sacrifice themselves, they are still determined to complete the mission entrusted by their tribe.
The work “Embracing the Flame” is inspired by the flood myth of the Bunun tribe. The tribesmen deeply cherish the black bulbul, which is respected and known as a sacred bird and is not allowed to be hunted. (In other versions of the story it’s the Taiwanese blue magpie)
As an artist, I immortalized this touching moment through painting. Using lively colors, the headdress of the women of Bunun, the blue Han-style, right-lapel, long-sleeved shirt, and the weaving pattern of the men’s chest cloth are all gently brought into the painting.

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